Costs of Creating Your Own Website

Websites are created for a variety of reasons and costs will vary accordingly. The following will outline the basic costs but a professionally made website will costs much more. The best option, in many cases, is to buy and redesign an existing website which will cost a hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the domain and design.

Domain Name - $10 paid one time

This is simply a must and required for any website. For a .com or .org the price will be ten dollars to create an original website name and may be thousands if it is already registered name that you will bid on. Assuming it is original, registering your domain with any major web service will be ten dollars.

Web Hosting - $40 per year

If you choose a commercial web host instead of doing it yourself (which is rather quite difficult) the price will depend on the amount of traffic you expect and the amount of information that you can store. Web hosting will be an ongoing cost and it is usually about seven dollars per month although there are many discounts if you subscribe for a year and the cheapest will be about forty dollars for a one year subscription with a .com or .org. If you expect high traffic or the ability to store more information, the cost can go up to about a hundred dollars a month.

Web planning and design- ten hours to $700

Many sites that register domains will provide a web editor for free but assuming you will not use one, you can usually find a Content Management System (CMS) for free. These programs will allow you to upload content from your computer to your website. Although you are not required to pay, you may have to take time to learn how to use the program or learn a particular web language such as HTML. However, an ordinary web editor is easy to use and best for beginners and the most expensive CMS will cost about five hundred dollars.

If you have the money, Dreamweaver is used by a good percentage of professionals but the software is $399. However, if you are a student many schools pay for the program and professors/teachers will install Dreamweaver and other adobe programs for free on your computer. If your school does not offer this, there is a discount for students.

You may also choose to have a professional build your website and the cost will depend on quality. A professionally made, quality website will cost hundreds but a simple one may be thirty dollars. Layouts are also sold online and the prices ranges from five dollars to a hundred dollars.

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