Web Hosting Security Becoming Increasingly Important

Even though web hosting companies are constantly looking for ways to increase the security that they offer to their customers, hackers are becoming cleverer and looking for ways to get into servers to hack the sites on them. By ignoring the importance of web hosting security, many website owners are putting their own sites at risk of attack. This is why it is so important to take precautions to ensure the security of your site can not be compromised. Click here for more information on the security protocols that web hosts put in place, and then keep reading to find out what you can do to improve your own site security.

Use Passwords

Both hosting companies, and their customers, should use passwords to protect the back end of their websites. These passwords should be updated periodically, and should vary for each level of access. Make sure that your password contains a mixture of numbers, letters, and characters, and that it is at least 8 letters long – the longer, the better. Every time a website owner upgrades their site, perhaps by installing the latest version of WordPress, or installing a new plugin, passwords should also be changed. Hosting companies should also notify customers after an attack so that they can update passwords immediately.

Keep Platforms Up to Date

We lightly touched on installing updates in the previous paragraph, but this is also a way to improve your site’s security. As each upgrade is released, hackers look for loopholes in the code that could enable them to take control of your website. Upgrades are usually released to close these loopholes, and although installing the updates isn’t a failsafe way to protect your website, it does go some way to securing it. Make sure to upgrade everything from your CMS to your plugins, the minute updates are released.

Make Backups

Finally, it is not always possible to protect your site from hackers, so in times like these you will want a backup of your site to fall back on. Make sure to back up your data regularly, and also to do it before you upgrade any part of your website. Sometimes a server can crash or an unexpected problem could occur with an update, and not having a backup in place could mean you lose your site completely. This is the last thing that any website owner wants to happen.

Whilst web hosting companies will continually look for ways to protect your websites, by following the above guidelines, you can give yourself an added level of protection.

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