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The Raw Power of Contextual & Relevant High PR HOMEPAGE Backlinks Coming From 100% Unique C-Class IPs!

Hello everyone,

SEO comes down to link building for the most part.

Ranking at the top of Google is more related to acquiring high quality links than publishing great, eye-catching content.

Start building quality links from reputed sources and you will start ranking high for competitive keyword terms, which will dramatically increase your online business.

We have cracked several super competitive niches by using a link structure mentioned below.

If you have any knowledge of SEO, you will undoubtedly know that the best links come from CONTEXTUAL & RELEVANT high PR pages.

This is what we are here to provide you.

The problem here is that you would normally have to work really hard to get these types of inbound links "naturally" to your website (if that ever happens).

Either that, or you will have to spend a ton of money to "purchase" them individually if you go to a typical link broker.

This is not the case with our program.

With our program, we have total control of the links and the content of our websites. This means that you can use any anchor text that you like (with reservation) and can get a ton of extremely high quality links to your website without paying a fortune.

These high PR homepage links are not at all comparable to "common" link building services which include blog comments, forum posts, blog posts, footer links and article & directory submissions.

Without question, Google loves these backlinks.

The links we provide are contextual because they are planted within the main text on the homepage (as opposed to them being placed in the footer or in the Blogroll).

The links are relevant because we choose an article which has your keywords in it, in order to facilitate additional relevancy factors.

Our backlink building service allows you links from a total of 100 domains. Here is the PR breakdown of those domains:



Many people will ask why we have so many PR 0s. The reason is that the PR 0 domains in our network are aged and once they get a PR boost, they will provide a good amount of trust and link juice so we included them in the network.

The PR 0 domains receive backlinks from the majority of the high PR domains (i.e. PR 2-5s) in the network, you can easily expect them to rise to a PR 2-3 very shortly.

We also know that Google (and other search engines) place more trust on domains which are aged. Here is the breakdown of the domain age in our link network:

Domains aged 8 years or more: 15% of the network
Domains aged 5 years or more : 33% of the network
Domains aged 3 years or more: 76% of the network

Here are how all our domains are structured for maximum SEO value:

1. All domains are hosted on 100% unique C Class IPs
2. Domains are linked to each other in a manner which allows PR reinforcement and allows lower PR domains to rise in PR in a much smaller timeframe. For example, a PR 5 domain in the network links to most PR 4s, PR 3s, PR 2s and so on
3. All domains have Wordpress installed on them, which is loved by Google
4. All links on the domains are placed inside contextual content so you get a much higher link value.
5. All the links we place are within relevant text.
6. Many domains in our network have over a 1500 backlinks which can translate into more link juice
7. Some domains in the network have high quality edu and gov backlinks which dramatically increases domain trust.
8. 10% of the domains are DMOZ listed which considerably increases domain trust
9. 10-15% of the domains are Yahoo and Google directory listed.

High PR network diagram:

Please look at the diagram below in order to understand how we have linked the domains in order to maximize the increase in PR:


Compared to other similar high PR network services out there, we do a few things differently:

1. You can use up to 2 KW and 2 URLs for the link building instead of using only 1 URL and anchor text.
2. We ensure that ALL domains in our network are constantly promoted because we constantly build more links towards them. This includes EDU and GOV link building along with many other effective tactics. This means the link value you receive from us always keeps on increasing over time.

Comparison with other link brokers:

If you purchase these links individually through a link broker, you will have to spend atleast USD 800 a month to get all these links. Some link brokers might even charge you much more for exactly the same quality and PR.

PR 5 links easily go for USD 80 per month
PR 4 links easily go for around USD 50 per month etc.

Also, if you go down that route, you can expect the domains to have a ton of outbound links and a lot of spammy content which can result in a penalty.

With us, you purchase 100 such links for a small fraction of the price!

Here is what you get when you purchase from us:

1. Link placement on 100 websites, most of which are PR 2-5.
2. Links which will ALWAYS reside on the homepage
3. Links which are RELEVANT and CONTEXTUAL
4. Links on a network which always increases in authority (because we constantly build links to the entire network).
5. Links on domains, many of which are over 8 years old
6. Links on a network which reinforces PR
7. Links which fall within Google Guidelines and provide a lot of link juice

Ordering process:

1. Click on the Pay Now button.
2. Once the payment is made, send an email to with your transaction number as well as the URL and keywords.
3. We start working on your order. We get an article related to your keywords and spin it 30-40% to place it on each domain along with your anchored link..
4. Sit back and relax - Your links will be up within 5-7 business days and you will be able to see them using SEO SpyGlass within 2-3 weeks.

Our 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:


If you do not like the service or if you just do not think this is for you, simply request a refund within 30 days and we will refund every penny, no questions asked!


The pricing is simple. For all these 100 domains, you pay only $500 USD $200 USD per month! We’ve negotiated a special saving for Easy Site Build customers only of 60% off! This comes down to only USD 2 per website!

Order Now:

In the end, you either see the value in this service or you do not. Chances are, you will love this offer.

Please click on the link below to place your order:


Can you guarantee that the PR of all the domains will NEVER change?
Unfortunately, no. Although we try our best to keep the PR stable, there might be fluctuation in the PR over time. But because we build more links to the network over time, you can actually expect the collective PR to go up.

Do you disclose the domains in the network?
Nope, sorry. I am sure you all understand that Google has an interest in deindexing such domains since they give webmasters an unfair advantage in terms of SEO and rankings. You will however be able to see the incoming links if you use SEO SpyGlass.

How many keywords and URLs can I use?
You can use a maximum or 2 keywords and 2 URLs.

What is so special about backlinks placed on pages with high PR?
These kind of backlinks are by far the best backlinks you can get. In our testing, backlinks on pages with high PR provide a tremendous amount of link juice and we have been able to secure rankings for quite competitive keywords with such measures.

What is the value of the PR 0 domains?
These domains have been included in the network since they were aged. Also, because the PR 0 domains receive backlinks from the majority of the high PR domains in the network, you can easily expect them to rise to a PR 2-3 very shortly.

If I cancel my subscription, will my links be removed?
Yes, this program works like any other link rental program.

How soon can I expect my links to be put up?
Once the payment is made and the keyword and URL info is sent to us, your links will be live on the network within 5-7 business days.

I have been a subscriber since a month but only 50% of my links are seen in the backlink checking software. Where are the rest of the links?

Some link checking software only shows a small quantity of links compared to the total number of links present. For best results, please use the free version of SEO SpyGlass.

Will the price remain steady??
In the beginning we will keep the price at USD 200 per month. However, once the initial offer is over, we might consider raising the price.

How many spots are left?
We are initially targeting around 50-60 customers for the network reserved for Easy Site Build customers, but this number might change down the road. Sorry, due to the popularity of this program, we currently only have 7 open slots remaining.

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    Well done!!!"

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  • "The tutorials are great. They make this all very fast and easy. Thanks for your help!!"

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  • "I appreciate your dedication to help me because of my lack of understanding all of this Website Building stuff as it is new to me. Your company's trait of fine professionalism did not go unnoticed here. Thank you for your expertise. You are a real gem! I hope you are richly blessed for your kindness. Thank you again."

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  • "I just want to say Thank You! for all your help. My website is published! It was reassuring to have your support in this my first Website Building attempt."


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